How to Improve Female Orgasms


The issue that we are trying to solve or make better is sexual dysfunction. And more women have problems with that than men, and there are a lot more solutions for men than there are for women up to this point.

  • About 14% of women have some sexual dysfunction.
  • About 15% of women have either trouble lubricating, or they are not enjoying the sex.
  • About 25% of women are unable to climax, to have orgasms.
  • About 20% of women have painful sex.
  • About a third of women lack interest in sex altogether.

So we are trying to improve that situation. We have got Viagra and pumps for men, but there are a lot of things really that women have access to.

So this new technology is something that will improve the ability to have sexual orgasms. The way it works is: man has the glans penis, and they have the base of the penis; we have a clitoris and g-spot. And just like the penis, this all connected. G-spot is inside; the clitoris is outside, that whole area is climax territory. And so studies have shown that women have a thicker vaginal wall, the front of the wall closest to the belly, have a better ability to have intercourse orgasms.

It is sick enough somehow, and we can improve that. And they have done that. G-spot enhancement has been done for quite some time, and they use products like hyaluronic acid. But there can be problems with those things because as we put materials into the body, you can get granulomas around the injections. It is not something that I would feel comfortable doing inside my body.

The platelet-rich-plasma that is a consequence of use for a lot of times in medicine, especially orthopedics and in dentistry. What happens is when these platelets get into an area that needs healing, for example, is lower blood flow and play its release their growth factors and help heal the tissue. So we can take blood, we can spin it down, we can get platelet-rich-plasma that doesn’t have the red blood cells, and we can inject that into tissue.

It helps build whatever tissues it injected into. When you put in the face, we use it for facial enhancement; it improves the texture of your skin. If we insert this into the wall of the vagina, it makes them thicker which then increases your ability to have an orgasm when you are having sex.